Hunter was funded in 1856 by Henry Lee Norris. The initial idea was to produce boots and other industrial items “using the newly patented and innovative vulcanisation process to create durable rubber products”. The boots were very used in World War I to protect soldiers stationed in the trenches and again in World War II after proven effective.

The exactly boots showed in the image, the one who became known as the Original Boot, was designed in 1956. Those boots have an iconic remark, (leading to the explain the choice of the word ICON as a way to describe the shoes.) establishing this status after being worn by Lady Diana Spencer in her engagement photos and later by Katy Moss at Glastonbury.

According to Steele (1998, p. 126) “Boots have also had utilitarian functions in everyday life. On rainy days or when the ground is covered with snow, boots provide protection from elements”. It’s very interesting to see the evolution that occurred through time and helped transform shoes that were used in World Wars and created with the element of protection in mind into very iconic and used with propose of fashion footwear.

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